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100% natural Hemp rope

Langman Ropes hemp is a natural product produced from 100% flax yarns. Great for decoration, climbing ropes, classic rigging.

Aramide braid

Extremely high temperature resistance through the core of aramid / kevlar fiber. Braided polyester cover for good UV resistance.

Beaufort – Double braided mooring lines

This polyester rope is double braided and has a smooth, robust look. Therefore it is an ideal line to use as luxury mooring lines, docklines or anchor...


Core of coated UHMWPE/Dyneema® yarns en round braided polyester cover, higher breaking load by lower heat build-up and internal abrasion resistance.

Braided cotton rope

Braided cotton rope is a 100% natural and biodegradable product. Made of high quality cotton yarns.

Cauliflower rope

Protects the quality of your cauliflowers quickly and easily against yellowing and weathering and is also fully biodegradable.

Cotton twisted rope

Cotton rope is a natural product, made of high quality cotton yarns. It used mostly for acrobatics and decorative applications and is available in...

Dog leashes

This flat braided PP Multi cord is ideal for a dog leash.


Pre-stretched line with extreme low elongation and high breakingload, used as Halyard winch rope and rope drive and abrasion- and UV-resistant because...

Fender and bowfender

High quality PP with extra UV-resistance and excellent abrasion resistance due to twisted yarns.


high strength, minium stretch.

Fisherman twines

Cotton Twine on spools of 500gram


Double braided polyester line, smooth and easy splicable, ideal as halyard rope.

Hamilton classic

Our Hamilton is a classic, still going strong, very flexible, double braided polyester rope for sheets.

Hemp Rope braided

Braided Langman Ropes Hemp, for decoration or in 8-strand as climbing rope.


Hempex® is a classic spun polypropyleen rope, great for classic ships, decorative purposes and sport applications.


Compact ladder with wooden, aluminum or synthetic steps, with rope or steel wire.

Lövenstein Pulling cords

Lövestein pulling cords for the electric industry


Natural Manila rope, Rigging line or to be used as a decoration rope.


32-braided cover with a braided core. A polyester line as halyard rope or winchrope.


Nylon rope in twisted construction. This rope has relatively much stretch and a high breaking load.

Nylon braided

Braided nylon cord for many industrial applications.

Ocean8 | Square Line

8-strand braided square line polyester, robust and flexible, excellent as mooring or anchorline.

Ocean8 Nylon

Nylon with relatively much stretch, 8-strand braided for mooring lines, anchor lines and stretchers.


Pre-stretched Spun polyester, Soft touch and low elongation, nice classic sheet and halyard rope.


Robust, according to ISO799:2004 approved ladder, with hardwood steps, spreader and rubber steps with pp or manila rope.


Polyester rope in the twisted construction, low elongation and good UV- en abrasion resistance. For the industry and decoration.

Polyester braided

Good UV-resistant polyester cord as towing line or flag line.

Polyester classic

Classic twisted polyester, pre-stretched for low elongation, used as halyard, hoist- and decoration rope.

Polyester spiral braided

Good UV-resistant spiral braided polyester cord as flag line.

Polypropylene Splitfilm classic

Polypropylene Splitfilm is a 3-strand twisted polypropyleen rope in classic, beige colour.


Polytex is a twisted polypropyleen rope with extra UV-stabilization, perfect for running rigging on tall ships.


Double braided pre-stretched HT polyester rope. The classic halyard line with very low elongation.

PP Multi

Twisted PP Multifilament rope, widely used as 'price' moored on smaller boats and several decorative applications.

PP Multi braided

Braided PP multi cord for serval applications in industry and water sports.

PP Packaging twines

Polypropylene packaging twine in various lengths for packing, securing and fixing.

PP Splitfilm

Widely applicable, favorable pricing, used as pull rope and packaging- and binder rope.


12-strand braided line of UHMWPE / Dyneema® yarns. Pre-stretched for low elogation, extremely strong, is used as a winchrope or a rope drive in many...

Q1 Max

Ultimate line for static application low creep, of Dyneema® DM20 yarns.


Thick industrial coating for a wear- and UV-resistant rope of UHMWPE yarns. Used as manure cable, whinch cable and mooring rope.

Q1 Shield

Improved abrasion-resistant, lower heat build-up and bending radius through coated UHWMPE/Dyneema® yarns.

Q1 UHMWPE / Dyneema rope. Strong fiber lines.

12-strand braided line of UHMWPE / Dyneema® yarns. Pre-stretched for low elogation, extremely strong, is used as a winchrope or a rope drive in many...


Round braided polyester halyard line with a core of UHWMPE/Dyneema® yarns. Excellent UV-resistant, light and strong.

Racing line

Halyard rope with low elongation because of the core of UHMWPE/Dyneema yarns. Therefore also excellent as hoistrope/winchline. The polyester core has...


Braided rope energy positive produced from European recycled PET bottles. Together for a better world!

Seaming Twine

Seaming twine for whipping, sewing, model ship rigging.

Seaweed Ropes and twines

Ropes for seaweed harvesting


Plaited polyester with latex, elastic core, especially for recreational applications where stretching is desired.


Sisal natural rope for cats, decoration and as packaging twines.

Sisal packaging twine

Sisal packaging twines in various lengths, natural, 100% biodegradable packaging twine


Spun and filament polyester rope, strong and soft, this make our Spunline an excellent sheet rope.


Classic soft look and feel but great power on the inside with a core of UHMWPE/Dyneema® yarns. The top classic sheet.


A soft cover with a good grip. Double braided spun polyester rope. Frequently used as a halyard rope and as a hoist rope.

Spunport classic

Double braided spun polyester rope, great handling, soft touch, used as a sheet or hoist rope.

Tarred Marline

Nice smooth and greasy marline, 100% flax yarns for seize and serve rigging.


Highly UV resistant surfcord, suitable for water sports. This rope is available in 3, 4 and 5mm but can also be produced in different diameters.


Polyester rope with low elongation, round braided. Widely used in the industry and in the electrical sunblind as hoisting / hanging drawstring.


A reflective line of double braided polyester, ideal in a twilight situation. Is widely used in the offshore or, for example, guy rope.