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PP Multi

Twisted PP Multifilament rope, widely used as 'price' moored on smaller boats and several decorative applications.


A soft cover with a good grip. Double braided spun polyester rope. Frequently used as a halyard rope and as a hoist rope.

Q1 Shield

Improved abrasion-resistant, lower heat build-up and bending radius through coated UHWMPE/Dyneema® yarns.


12-strand braided line of UHMWPE/Dyneema® yarns. Pre-stretched for low elogation, extreem strong, is used as a winchrope or a rope drive in many...

Aramide braid

Extremely high temperature resistance through the core of aramid / kevlar fiber. Braided polyester cover for good UV resistance.


Polyester rope with low elongation, round braided. Widely used in the industry and in the electrical sunblind as hoisting / hanging drawstring.

Cotton rope

Cotton rope is a natural product used for acrobatics and decorative applications.

Cotton rope braided

Braided cotton rope, a natural product for decorative applications.

Hemp Rope

Langman Ropes hemp is a natural product produced from 100% flax yarns. Great for decoration, climbing ropes, classic rigging.

Hemp Rope braided

Braided Langman Ropes Hemp, for decoration or in 8-strand as climbing rope.