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Tarred Marline

Nice smooth and greasy marline, 100% flax yarns for seize and serve rigging.

Seaming Twine

Seaming twine for whipping, sewing, model ship rigging.

Hemp Rope

Langman Ropes hemp is a natural product produced from 100% flax yarns. Great for decoration, climbing ropes, classic rigging.


Natural Manila rope, Rigging line or to be used as a decoration rope.

Hamilton classic

Our Hamilton is a classic, still going strong, very flexible, double braided polyester rope for sheets.


Double braided pre-stretched HT polyester rope. The classic halyard line with very low elongation.


Classic soft look and feel but great power on the inside with a core of UHMWPE/Dyneema® yarns. The top classic sheet.


Spun and filament polyester rope, strong and soft, this make our Spunline an excellent sheet rope.

Spunport classic

Double braided spun polyester rope, great handling, soft touch, used as a sheet or hoist rope.


Pre-stretched Spun polyester, Soft touch and low elongation, nice classic sheet and halyard rope.