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Rope energy positive produced from European recycled PET bottles. Togehter for a better world!

PP Multi braided

Braided PP multi cord for serval applications in industry and water sports.

PP Multi

Twisted PP Multifilament rope, widely used as 'price' moored on smaller boats and several decorative applications.

Polyester braided

Good UV-resistant polyester cord as towing line or flag line.


Polyester rope in the twisted construction, low elongation and good UV- en abrasion resistance. For the industry and decoration.


Double braided polyester, smooth, robust look, ideal as luxury mooring lines, dock lines or anchor lines.

Cotton rope

Cotton rope is a natural product used for acrobatics and decorative applications.

Seaming Twine

Seaming twine for whipping, sewing, model ship rigging.

Cotton rope braided

Braided cotton rope, a natural product.


Sisal natural rope for cats, decoration and as packaging twines.