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Langmanrope in all its beauty!

There isn't much you can think of that doesn't use ropes. Sometimes even we are suprised by what for wonderful projects we can participate in. In collaboration with the customer we come to the best result thanks to our extensive professional knowledge! Below a selection of LangmanRopes in different branches and applications.


Het Nationale Theater

Het Nationale Theater

For 'Het Nationale Theater' in The Hague, we have produced 48mm 8-strand braided cotton rope. This customer was looking for a thick, braided rope that can be dyed. For hanging the cloths we have supplied braided cotton cord. LangmanRopes is the right place for custom projects.

Sheraton Fiji Resort

5.000 mtr. Hempex® rope for decoration

We have recently supplied the Sheraton Fiji Resort almost 5.000mtr. of 28mm Hempex® rope. This rope is used for decoration of the hotel. Because of the location of the resort, the customer was looking for a high quality, UV resistant rope with a natural look. Hempex is a synthethic spun polypropylene rope with the look and feel of natural hemp, but with a long livespan. Even when used outdoors.


Rigged with Polytex Ropes

The complete Rigg from the Shabab Oman is like the first ship full with our Polytex ropes


Polytex touw voor de Batavia in Lelystad

A 40-minute drive from our factory in Nijkerk is the Batavia in Lelystad. Restoration work started in 2021. A large part of the standing and running wall needs to be replaced, we can supply our Polytex rope for this.

Shopping Mall – Hasselt Belgium

Hempex® with Steelwire core

For a Shopping Mall in Hasselt Belgium, we made custom ropes.

Squirrel bridge

Hempex rope with steelwire

A very nice concept to ensure the living area of the squirrel and besides a aesthetically nice looking 'crossover' a provincial road, that is this squirrel bridge. For 3 of these 'bridges' we made, custom-made Hempex® ropes with stainless steelwire and also Hempex® rope made to measure with spliced eyes to different trees.

M/Y Elsea

Beaufort mooring lines

Our double braided polyester mooring lines Beaufort in 40mm have been supplied to the beautiful motor yacht Elsea. Complete with spliced leather eyes.

Wellerlooi Observation Tower

32mm Polytex rope with stainless steel wire core

We were commissioned to supply ropes to the Wellerlooi Observation Tower next to the Maas. For the project we have produced 32mm Polytex rope with stainless steel wire core. At the ends of the rope we have rolled stud terminals.

Willem Barentsz expedition ship

Hempex® Rope

In the Frisian seaport Harlingen, they are currently busy with building a reconstruction of the expedition ship Willem Barentsz. A unique project that is realized exclusively by volunteers and where the Dutch construction method of the 16th century is followed as much as possible. We as Langmanrope are proud that we can sponsor all the rope work. Our high quality Hempex® rope is used for rigging.

Yacht Magenta

Beaufort mooring rope

For the yacht Magenta we supplied our beautiful double braided polyester lines, Beaufort in 28mm. Excellent UV and abrasion resistant.

M/Y Lightning

Beaufort carbon coloured mooring lines

The nice looking motor yacht Lightning was looking for some special coloured mooring lines. We have supplied them with our carbon coloured Beaufort mooring lines

INS Sudarshini

Twisted and double braided polyester

Besides the INS Tarangini, also the sistership Sudarshini got new Langman lines. Our pre-stretched beige filament polyester lines in twisted and braided construction have been supplied.

M/Y Liberty

Luxury double braided polyester mooring lines

We were able to supply new mooring lines for the magnificent super yacht Liberty. Beaufort in black with black leather eyes.

M/Y White

New luxury mooring lines

For the super yacht White (formerly project Ayla) built in 2018, we supplied the mooring lines. Beaufort double braided polyester in 30mm with spliced eyes and with leather protection.

University of Utrecht

Fire retardant impregnated cotton ropes

For the University of Utrecht we supplied customized cotton ropes with spliced stainless steel stockings which are also fire-retardant impregnated according to NEN-ISO-EN6940/41. A nice eye-catcher in the entrance.

Hermitage yacht

Double braided lines

For the 68 meter luxury yacht Hermitage we have supplied new double braided lines with a core of braided UHMWPE / Dyneema® yarns.

Here comes the Sun superyacht

44mm Beaufort dock lines

National pride, the beautiful 83mtr long yacht build by Amels, has our Beaufort 44mm mooring lines on board.

Clipper ‘Stad Amsterdam’

Polytex rigging

The beautiful clipper 'Stad Amsterdam' provides its rigging of Langmantouw Polytex. We also supply various other lines and ropes for this Tall Ship.

Katara yacht

Mooring tails Beaufort

For one of the largest yachts in the world, Katara, we have produced spliced Mooring tails. Specially made of double braided polyester, our Beaufort.

Sea Dream yacht

Mooring lines Beaufort

The cool yacht Sea Dream has been supplied with new mooring lines. Our double braided top line Beaufort has been supplied.

M/Y St. David

Luxury mooring lines Beaufort

For this beautifal super yacht St. David we supplied our beaufort mooring lines of 40mm thick and a troll of our Polysteel. All custom made with leather eyes.

Areti superyacht

Beaufort luxury mooring lines

The beautiful timeless superyacht Areti is equipped with new mooring lines. In addition, this yacht of 85mtr also equipped with new fender lines. All double braided polyester, our Beaufort lines are used for this. The lines are provided with spliced eyes with leather.

Oliver Hazard Perry Tall Ship

Polyester and POSH rigging

A lovely project, the three-masted Oliver Hazard Perry (OHP) is currently being build on Rhode Island USA. Quality ropes from Holland have been supplied for this Tall Ship, pre-stretched polyester and POSH

S/Y Black Pearl

Towing lines

Unique in its kind, the 106.7 meter long sailing yacht Black Pearl. Currently the largest sailing yacht in the world. We have supplied customized towing lines for this.

Cloud9 Superyacht

Luxury mooring lines Beaufort

For the superyacht Cloud9 we supplied 44mm new Beaufort mooring lines. Completely spliced with leather eyes

Hempflax rope with lamps

Hempflax rope with lamps

For a luxury restaurant we have made Hemp Flax ropes with a power wire. Then these ropes are custom made with buttons and bendsels and lamps. Beautiful eyecatchers!

Pirates of the Caribbean

Hempex rope

Langmanrope is the supplier of all parts of the Hollywood blockbuster, Pirates of the Caribbean. For these movie we have supplied various types of rope, including Hempex and Hempex strengthen with a core of UHMWPE / Dyneema® yarns.

S/Y Glorious

Mooring lines

For the sailing yacht Glorious we have supplied our double braided mooring lines, Beaufort

M/Y Gattopardo VI superyacht

Beaufort mooring lines

For the 40 meter superyacht Gattapardo we supplied custom made luxury mooring lines. Our Beaufort double braided polyester, coverd with leather eyes has been supplied.

San Salvador tall ship

Original Hempex®

Currently being build, this beautiful tall ship in San Diego. Our Original Hempex® rope with extra UV protection is used for the job

M/Y Revelry

Beaufort mooring lines

The charter yacht Revelry is equipped with new mooring lines from LangmanRope. Double braided polyester, our type Beaufort in 40mm is used for this yacht.

Mercedes tall ship

PPMulti for the purlin

The young Tall Ship Mercedes used our braided polypropyleen ropes for purlin in the sails. Because of it's flexible characteristics a logical choice.

Belle de Jour

Beaufort mooring lines

Superyacht 'Belle de Jour' has received beautiful Beaufort double braided mooring lines. In the color navy with leather covered spliced eyes.

M/Y Talitha

Double braided poseidon

The motoryacht Talitha was looking for high quality custom made halyard ropes. Our pre-stretched double braided poseidon was the right choice. Custom made in different thickness and lenghts.

Fish shop decoration ropes

Manila rope for decoration

For a new fish store we have supplied various sizes of manila rope. Among others also manila rope with electric wire which are made to measure and serve as decorative lamps.

WE Fashion

Braided polypropyleen cord

For the WE we have supplied a large amount of braided polypropyleen cord. Each piece cut to custom length in different colours and sizes

Motor yacht Panthera

Luxury mooring lines Beaufort

For the great looking yacht Panthera we have supplied our robust Beaufort mooring lines.

S/Y Atmosphere

Ocean8 Mooring lines

For the megayacht Atmosphere LangmanRopes has supplied luxury 8-strand mooring lines. Our Ocean8 mooring lines are of a very high quality, torque free, flexibel and have a robust look.


Hempflex rope decoration

The windows of the Gant shops have been decorated with hemp ropes of Langman.

Shangri La Hotel

Langman Hempex®

Langman Hempex® rope as decoration for a luxurious hotel in Singapore.

Tall ship the Shtandart

Langmanrope Hempex®

The Tall Ship the Shtandart from Russia is completely re-rigged with Langmantouw Hempex®

Tall ship Bounty

Polytex rigging

The European Tall Ship replica "The Bounty" is re-rigged with our Polytex ropes. The classic appearance and the excellent UV and abrasion resistance of Polytex were the reasons to choose our rope.

The Hobbit

Natural Hemp and Cotton ropes

We are proud that LangmanRopes is the supplier for the new film: "the Hobbit" The film is made in New Zealand. A number of Natural Hemp and Cotton ropes has been made.

L’ Hermione

Hempflax en Manilla GRADE-1 rigging

From the enormous 3-master of the 18th century, the Hermione, a life-size replica is currently being built. Langman Rope is the supplier for all the rope work. Among other things, our hemp rope and rope hammered GRADE-1 Manila rope is used for the rigging.

INS Tarangini

Polyester and Poseidon double braided

TallShip INS Tarangini from India is using our pre-streched 3-strand classic polyester as well our poseidon ropes classic double braided

Music center Frits Philips

Rope curtain made of fire retardant polyester

In October the renovation of the Music center Frits Philips in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, was completed. One of the most striking changes is the enormous glass facade of 25x13 meters. Behind this is a huge curtain of rope. For this we supplied 84 ropes of 11mtr and 14mtr in 45mm white polyester. Also, these ropes are all fire-retardant treated according to NEN 6065

Nova Zembla

Hempex rope

For the Dutch Movie from Reinout Oerlemans, Nova Zembla, we supplied a large quantity of Hempex® touw.

Luxery Mooring Lines motoryacht Rahal

Beaufort mooring lines

Since several year we supply our Beaufort mooring lines For Motoryacht Rahal, France. We supplied our beaufort mooring lines in black and silver.

Perth zoo

Polytex as barrier rope

In the Perth Zoological Gardens, part of the Perth Zoo, Australia, a large amount of Langmantouw Polytex is used as a barrier rope. The beautiful classic look and excellent UV-resistance were the reason to choose our Polytex rope.

Rope as a natural electric cable

Polytex with a power cable

On behalf of a construction company we have made 4-strand Polytex with a power cable. This rope is used as a hanging rope for large lanterns in a garden of a country house.

Suomen Joutsen

Rigged with Hemp rope

The beautiful 3 master 'Suomen Joutsen' is currently being rigged with Hemp rope from Langmanrope. This ship is in the possession of the Finnish government.

Dutch Windmill as art

5300 meters of red wire

De kunstenares Scarlett de Hooft Graafland gebruikt op dit moment molen De Hoop aan de Dalemwal als een kunstwerk. Ruim negen uur is men bezig geweest om maar liefst 5300 meter rood draad tussen de wieken te weven waarbij men 95 omwentelingen maakte. Langman heeft voor dit project 5.500 meter rood touw met een diameter van 14mm geleverd. De 5.500 meter is in één lengte geproduceerd.

Fryderyk Chopin

Polytex rigging

Since quit some years is The Fryderyk Chopin rigged with our Polytex Ropes.

Fregatten Jylland

Polytex 4-strand rigging

Fregatten Jylland has been re-rigged with 4-strand Polytexof LangmanRopes.

P-trap with LangmanRopes


P-Trap® is a passive non-lethal self protection method against piracy. It is simple and effective in design for defense against pirates. It creates a safety zone around the vessel with floating lines that trap propellers of pirate vessels. LangmanRopes had been involved with the succes of the P-trap

Univé tug of ware

Ropes of Manila GRADE-1

LangmanRope has delivered a large number of tug of ware ropes from Manila GRADE-1 for a campaign by Univé.

Spider web of rope

Spider web of hemp rope

In the summer of 2009 Langman was commissioned to make a spider web from hemp rope. The size was 12 x 12 meters.

Santa Maria de Colombo

GRADE-1 Manila and hemp rope

At the end of October 2009, the Santa Maria de Colombo replica was partly retested with LangmanRope. Our GRADE-1 Manila and top quality hemp rope was used for this purpose.

M/Y Latitude

Beaufort mooring lines

The luxury 43 meters motor yacht Latitude uses Beaufort Mooring lines from LangmanRopes. Our Beaufort (braided polyester with a 12-strand core) in the color black is used for this ship.

Enterprize Tall ship

Hempflax classic rigging

Melbourne's Tall Ship Enterprize is already rigged with a number of years with hemp rope Langman. Also at the beginning of this summer Langman has made ​​a new delivery.

Chandeliers rope

4.000mtr beige polyester rope

In early 2008, Langman rope around 4.000mtr beige polyester rope made ​​for chandeliers on the construction site of the "Kleine Zeeheldenbuurt" in Vught NL. An artist made two chandeliers

VOC replica ‘Het Duyfken’

Langmanrope hennep

In 2002 the Duyfken voyage from Australia to the Netherlands made​​, 18,200 nautical miles with Langman tarred hemp ropes. For more information see

Quality ropes

Quality Dutch made ropes

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