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Rope made of recycled PET bottles

Polyester spiral braided

Good UV-resistant spiral braided polyester cord as flag line.


Robust approved ladder with aluminum or wooden / rubber steps, with rope or steel wire.

Fender and bowfender

High quality PP with extra UV-resistance and excellent abrasion resistance due to twisted yarns.


Plaited polyester with latex, elastic core, especially for recreational applications where stretching is desired.

Ocean8 Nylon

Nylon with relatively much stretch, 8-strand braided for mooring lines, anchor lines and stretchers.

PP Multi braided

Braided PP multi cord for serval applications in industry and water sports.

PP Multi

Twisted PP Multifilament rope, widely used as 'price' moored on smaller boats and several decorative applications.

Polyester braided

Good UV-resistant polyester cord as towing line or flag line.


Polyester rope in the twisted construction, low elongation and good UV- en abrasion resistance. For the industry and decoration.