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12-strand braided line of UHMWPE / Dyneema® yarns. Pre-stretched for low elogation, extremely strong, is used as a winchrope or a rope drive in many...


Highly UV resistant surfcord, suitable for water sports. This rope is available in 3, 4 and 5mm but can also be produced in different diameters.

Fisherman twines

Cotton Twine on spools of 500gram


Nylon rope in twisted construction. This rope has relatively much stretch and a high breaking load.


high strength, minium stretch.


Braided rope energy positive produced from European recycled PET bottles. Together for a better world!

Polyester spiral braided

Good UV-resistant spiral braided polyester cord as flag line.


Robust, according to ISO799:2004 approved ladder, with hardwood steps, spreader and rubber steps with pp or manila rope.

Fender and bowfender

High quality PP with extra UV-resistance and excellent abrasion resistance due to twisted yarns.


Plaited polyester with latex, elastic core, especially for recreational applications where stretching is desired.