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Thick industrial coating for a wear- and UV-resistant rope of UHMWPE yarns. Used as manure cable, whinch cable and mooring rope.

Q1 UHMWPE / Dyneema rope. Strong fiber lines.

12-strand braided line of UHMWPE / Dyneema® yarns. Pre-stretched for low elogation, extremely strong, is used as a winchrope or a rope drive in many...


Core of coated UHMWPE/Dyneema® yarns en round braided polyester cover, higher breaking load by lower heat build-up and internal abrasion resistance.


Polyester rope with low elongation, round braided. Widely used in the industry and in the electrical sunblind as hoisting / hanging drawstring.

Racing line

Halyard rope with low elongation because of the core of UHMWPE/Dyneema yarns. Therefore also excellent as hoistrope/winchline. The polyester core has...


Round braided polyester halyard line with a core of UHWMPE/Dyneema® yarns. Excellent UV-resistant, light and strong.


32-braided cover with a braided core. A polyester line as halyard rope or winchrope.