Langman Ropes

Quality Ropes since 1638!

Under the name LangmanRopes we supply a wide range of quality ropes made from natural (like Hempflax and Manila) or synthetic yarns, (like polypropylene, nylon and uhmwpe / dyneema®) for many side applications. We supply our rope directly from stock or custom made products. In a wide variety of sectors (such as aquatic sports, and industry)

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Ropes made to measure Established in 1638
Langman Touw
  • Quality ropes
    Tall ship L'Hermione - France

    We still suplply Manila rope en tarred hempflax rope to the Tall ship replica L'Hermione in Rochefort, France

  • Quality ropes
    Watchtower of Wellerlooi

    Customized ropes for a unique watchtower

Langmanropes in all branches!

Wide range for all markets

Langman Classics

Langmanrope has a wide range of classic ropes, which can not be distinguished from natural rope. The look of natural rope, but all the advantages of synthetic rope.

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Langman Classics

Natural look, modern features

ropes from rPET

Rope energy positive produced from European recycled PET bottles.

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ropes from rPET

from PET bottle to rope


Old values, new standards

Rope factory Langman B.V. has existed since 1638 and is in the 21st century one of the few rope producers where real Dutch craftsmanship is still practiced. We export our products all over the world and provide specialized work for various industries. Quality Dutch made ropes!

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