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Fisherman twines

Cotton Twine on spools of 500gram


high strength, minium stretch.

Tarred Marline

Nice smooth and greasy marline, 100% flax yarns for seize and serve rigging.

Seaming Twine

Seaming twine for whipping, sewing, model ship rigging.

100% natural Hemp rope

Langman Ropes hemp is a natural product produced from 100% flax yarns. Great for decoration, climbing ropes, classic rigging.


Natural Manila rope, Rigging line or to be used as a decoration rope.

Hamilton classic

Our Hamilton is a classic, still going strong, very flexible, double braided polyester rope for sheets.


Double braided pre-stretched HT polyester rope. The classic halyard line with very low elongation.


Classic soft look and feel but great power on the inside with a core of UHMWPE/Dyneema® yarns. The top classic sheet.


Spun and filament polyester rope, strong and soft, this make our Spunline an excellent sheet rope.