Cauliflower rope

10.000 plants p/hour covering

Protects the quality of your cauliflowers quickly and easily against yellowing and weathering and is also fully biodegradable.



With FLOR® cauliflower rope and a new cauliflower binder you save considerably on time and labor. In addition, this new method ensures a much higher harvest yield and less physical workload. FLOR® definitely puts an end to yellowing cauliflowers. The rope is supple, completely knotless, soft and breaks down 100% organically after the harvest.

FLOR® is an innovative cauliflower rope that was developed in the Netherlands for cauliflower binding machines.

FLOR® protects your crop and puts an end to yellowing. Consumers do not want yellowed cauliflowers.
With FLOR® cauliflower rope you protect your cauliflower crop from discolouration. This immediately translates into a higher crop yield. In addition, FLOR® cauliflower rope protects your crops against dust, insects and hailstones. FLOR® cauliflower rope is suitable for all cauliflower varieties; both long day and short day varieties.

More and more beautiful cauliflowers with FLOR®
FLOR® cauliflower rope provides a higher crop yield by preventing yellowing. But FLOR® also ensures good wind speed and better drying of the plants. Closing the cauliflower leaves creates more space between the rows and is less wet. This simplifies harvesting. Your cauliflowers will also rot less under the trunk and are even more beautiful than when handled manually. With FLOR® it is even interesting to grow better tasting, but more difficult varieties.

The advantages of FLOR® after the harvest
FLOR® cauliflower rope also offers various advantages after the harvest. This way the leaves and the rope can easily be cut off during the harvest. FLOR® loses its strength immediately after harvest. This allows you to easily process the field with leaves and rope (milling / chipping). FLOR® then breaks down quickly and 100% organically into the ground. The field is thus quickly ready for a next crop.

Spools of 6.5 kg
(27.5 cm x 23.5 cm x 20.5 cm, height x width under x width above)
5 reels per box
(66 x 44 x 29 cm, length x width x height), 34.6 kg gross; 32.5kg net
28 boxes per pallet
(110 x 110 x 218 cm, length x width x height), 930 kg gross; 910kg net


  • Cauliflower rope



  • Prevent yellowing of cauliflowers
  • Automatically cover 10.000 plants per hour
  • Save considerably on time and labor
  • Relieve your employees physically
  • Suitable for all cauliflower varieties
  • 100% biodegradable

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Cauliflower rope



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