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Aramid Braid

Aramid rope with polyester braided cover

Low-stretch, tear-resistant, durable, low elongation, and thanks to the polyester sheath, UV-resistant and abrasion-resistant. 
Aramid is one of the major organic synthetic fibres and is used for a wide variety of special industrial applications and for recreation. In addition to its high strength, Aramid provides excellent heat resistance, very good dimensional stability and very low elongation values. Aramid does not corrode and is resistant to solvents. Aramid is heat and flame-resistant, but not UV-resistant. The polyester sheath makes the rope highly weatherproof, abrasion-resistant and it can be used as an alternative to steel rope both indoors and outdoors.


Technical and chemical properties:

- Rope sheath: polyester, Rope core: Aramid
- Tenacity reduction as a result of humidity: 0%
- Water absorption: 2-5%
- Knot tenacity: 30-35 %
- Light resistance (UV light): very good
- Elongation at breaking load: 4 %
- Elongation at working load: <1.5% (a good alternative to wire)
- Resistance to abrasion: very good
- Washing temperature: 50-60°C
- Petrol, diesel and lubricating oil: no reaction
- Rope sheath solvents: phenols, cresols, zinc chloride
- Rope sheath resistant to alkalis up to 20°C
- At 100°C the rope sheath is dissolved by alkalis
- Electrical insulating properties: very good
- Rope sheath temperature limit: 170°C (short-term loading)
- Rope sheath softening temperature: 225°C
- Rope sheath melting point: 260°C
- Rope core temperature limit (short-term loading): 400°C
- Rope core carbonises at 500°C


Breaking load


 4mm 580 1,20 V.
 5mm 800 1,95 V.
 6mm 1000 2,90 V.
 8mm 1800 4,90 V.
 10mm 3000 7,00 V.
 12mm 3600 9,00 V.
 14mm 5200 12,7 V.