Fender and bowfender

Decorative bumping line for sloops

High quality PP with extra UV-resistance and excellent abrasion resistance due to twisted yarns.



Launches and motorboats become for decoration and protection a fender with or without a hand knitted bow fender. Langman Ropes supplies there fenders to well-known yacht brokers in The Netherlands and abroad.

For our fenders we use special developed polypropylene yarns which are made from a high quality. These yarns are provided with a high UV-resistance which protects the fender against sunlight. That is why Langman Fenders are very good to use in countries with a high UV-level. Langman exports there Fenders to many of these countries.

In addition, each fender and bow fender is provided with a unique tracking number. Our fender and bow fenders are custom made especially for you. On the basis of the measurements you specify, we perform a calculation to determine the correct length of the rope. Our order forms, on which you specify the specifications for your cable fenders and / or bow fenders, are based on our standard delivery.

Our fenders and bow fenders are handmade by professional employees therefore we can also supply beside our standard delivery program to your specifications.
If you have special wishes or questions, don’t hesitate to contact us for advice or to discus other possibilities.

A fender is placed under the gangway around or along the sides of the boat. In order to be able to tension the fender, there must be fastening points on the boat to which the clamping provisions are connected. In order to keep the fender at a height, there must be an edge where the fender rests. There may also be two edges where the fender will be located. Our fender is beaten on our own rope track and composed of four strands with a core. At the heart of the fender is a stainless steel wire. The ends of the steel wire are provided with an eye with stainless steel stocking. We can also provide the ends of the steel wire with stainless steel threaded end (thread). To this end, stainless steel stud terminals are pressed onto the steel wire.

The length of the boat is decisive for the diameter of the fender. Compared to the boat, a fender must not be too thick or too thin. Also the space that exists between the support edge below and the edge above the fender determines the possible diameter.
Standard diameters for Langman fenders are from 64 mm to 140 mm.
The model and the length of the boat and the diameter of a possible fender determine the dimensions of an bowfender. Bowfender are available from a diameter of 8 cm. Loose bowfenders are equipped with a few links of stainless steel chain at the ends. If no support is available for the bow, a suspension point of several links of stainless steel chain can also be fitted in the middle.

A Turkish knot can be placed on the bow for embellishment on both a fender and a bowfender. We advise that only with a round bow. This decorative button is also made by hand. Shape and dimensions are adjusted to the thickness of the fender or bowfender.

Is your fender not yet old but are the pointed ends for instance damaged. Then you can bring your old fender with us for repair. We advise you to send a photo of the current state of the fender. We can then quickly assess whether the damage can be repaired. You can also repair your points yourself, by ordering the original yarn you are guaranteed years of pleasure.


  • Fender
  • Bowfender
  • Decorative bumping line



  • High quality PP
  • Stainless steel AISI 316 steelwire
  • Bowfender tightly knitted