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by Langman Ropes

A new brochure for luxury mooringlines

October 2016

For our luxury mooringlines we have a Dock Lines brochure released. These mooring lines are special developed for the super yachts. In this brochure you will find a clear overview of the possibilities. For more information    

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New product ‘Twilight’

October 2015

LangmanRope Twilight is a double braided polyester rope with a reflective tape. The LangmanRope twilight is mainly used in various indoor and outdoor applications where it is mostly dark.  

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Public day about ‘Ropes’

August 2015

On saturday the 29th of August there was a public day abour ropes in the Muesum of Nijkerk. Visitors were able to make ropes themselves on a demo model of the ropewalk. In the expedition ‘from fibre to rope’, there was a lot to see about the history of the rope business in Nijkerk, which […]

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LangmanRopes is sponsoring museum ‘Oud Nijkerk’

November 2014

In the renewed Museum ‘Oud Nijkerk’ on Venestraat 16, LangmanRopes is sponsoring the open, publicly accessible depot for 5 years. Nijkerk has had a rope butchery since the 17th century. From 1893, the rope factory were in the hands of the Langman family without interruption (see alsoAbout us) . Many of the historical tools and […]

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New website

November 2013

November 18, 2013 we have published a new website for mooring lines. On this site our Beaufort and Ocean lines for super and mega yachts are central.

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P-TRAP with LangmanRopes

November 2009

Somali coastal waters have been plagued by piracy since the beginning of the civil war in the early 1990’s. Since the pirates have nothing to lose, the presence of international warships does not matter much. Westmark has been active for years in developing a system to secure sea-going vessels against piracy. After many tests, Westmark, […]

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