LangmanRopes produces energy positive!

08 February 2019

In our newsupdate of 18 September you could already read that we as Langman want to contribute to a more sustainable future. Since then we are looking for the possibilities to contribute to that. Last week we made up our minds and signed a contract for 572 (!) solar panels on our roof. Almost all the power that these solar panels produce, we require for our production.

Imagine a rope made of recycled PET bottles, our rPet-line, made on machines that get their power from the sun! How sustainable is that?!

Stay up-to-date on the progress by checking our nieuwspage now and then.


February 2019, The ‘installation plan’


April 2019, the solar panels are currently being placed !

update : April 10th, 2019

update: Arpil 25th, 2019