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The development, manufacturing and processing of ropes has been our profession and our passion since 1638. LangmanRopes are being used for a lot of applications. Underneath you will find some references in which LangmanRope is being used


Oliver Hazard Perry Tall Ship - USA


A lovely project, the three-masted OHP is currently being build on Rhode Island USA. Quality ropes from Holland have been supplied for this Tall Ship, pre-stretched polyester and POSH








M/Y Gattopardo VI - Malta


For the 40mtr superyacht Gattapardo we supplied custom made luxury mooring lines. Our Beaufort double braided polyester with leather eyes has been supplied.

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San Salvador Tall Ship - USA


Currently being build, this beautiful tall ship in San Diego. Our Original Hempex® rope with extra UV protection is used for the job








Tall ship Mercedes  - The Netherlands


The young Tall Ship Mercedes used our braided polypropyleen ropes for purlin in the sails. Because of it's flexible characteristics a logical choice.






M/Y Talitha - Bermuda


The motoryacht Talitha was looking for high quality custom made halyard ropes. Our pre-stretched double braided poseidon was the right choice.

Custom made in different thickness and lenghts.





WE Fashion - The Netherlands


For the WE we have supplied a large amount of braided polypropyleen cord. Each piece cut to custom length in different colours and sizes.







S/Y Atmosphere - Peru

For the megayacht Atmosphere LangmanRopes has supplied luxury 8-strand mooring lines.

Our Ocean8 mooring lines are of a very high quality, torque free, flexibel and have a robust look.  









L'Hermione - France

Still we are supplying Manila rope and tareed Hemp for the Hermione in France.
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The windows of the Gant shops have been decorated with hemp ropes of Langman










Shangri La Hotel - Singapore

 Langman Hempex® rope as a decorative rope for a luxury hotel in Singapore













Tommy Hilfiger


A large amount of braided ppmulti / nylon rope, cord as decoration in the stores of the clothingbrand Tommy Hilfiger. Langman Ropes made them all made-to-measure.







Shtandart Russia


The key mission of the Shtandart Project is to engender
in young people - those who will steer us into the future -
competence, self-esteem and the ability to work in a team.
They will learn to overcome difficulties and to fulfil their

LangmanRopes supplied he Shtandart Hempex® ropes.

More info about the Shtandart Project can be found on


                         video winter repair 2016/2017

Neighbour Project Amsterdam


Rope Langman BV shows like her social involvement through a community project in Amsterdam, to support the supply of cord.





The Bounty - Hong Kong

The European Tall Ship "The Bouny" is re-rigged with Polytex ropes

The classic look and the UV stabilized and sunlight resulting in excellent durability and high strength were some reasons to choose our Polytex.






L'Hermione - France

LangmanRopes is the supplier of all ropes for the rebuilding
General Lafayette's frigate.

In the town of Rochefort, south west of France, a team of passionated people have undertaken a tremendous challenge The reconstruction of the Hermione, the ship on which La Fayette embarked in 1780, to bring help and support to the American insurgents. Since its beginning, the construction site is a true living show place, open yearly to visitors. Once the Hermione is fully completed, it is planned to sail again on La Fayette's journey, from Rochefort to Boston, via the Franco-American historical stops along the eastern coast « The Lafayette trip »

Our natural Hemp and Manila Ropes in 4-strand and caible laid contructions and Polytex Ropes are being used for this project.

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Hempex® touw, Nova Zembla - Langman TouwDutch movie: Nova Zembla


For the new Dutch Movie from Reinout Oerlemans, Nova Zembla, we supplied a large quantity of Hempex® touw.

For this movie they used the ship from our customer "The Shtandart"  

More info about the movie can be found on 








The Hobbit movie - New Zealand


We are proud that LangmanRopes is the supplier for the new film: "the Hobbit"
The film is made in New Zealand.

A number of Natural Hemp and Cotton ropes has been made.



INS Tarangini - India


TallShip INS Tarangini is using our pre-streched 3-strand classic polyester as well our poseidon ropes classic double braided





Muziekgebouw Eindhoven


in October 2010 we supplied the Musicbuiding Frits Philips in Eindhoven The Netherlands Polyester Ropes. Behind the hugh windows are our ropes presented.

For this we supplied 40mm ropes in white polyester delivered.
All these ropes are fire retardant coated according to DIN 6065



Luxery Mooring Lines motoryacht Rahal - France

Since several year we supply our Beaufort mooring lines For Motoryacht Rahal, France.

We supplied our beaufort mooring lines in black and silber.




Perth Zoological Gardens - Australia

Ropes along the pahts for Perth Zoological Gardens.

For this project we supplied Polytex Ropes because of the classic look and long durability





Ropes with electricity cable

In order for a landscape architect we produced and supplied ropes with electricity cable inside.

At they end of the ropes the customer mounted large lights.










Suomen Joutsen - Finland


Suomen Joutsen (“Swan of Finland”, formerly Laënnec, Oldenburg) is a three-mast, steel hull, full rigged ship. She was built in 1902 in St. Nazaire, France to serve in the trade between Atlantic and Pacific ports. In 1930, she was bought by the Government of Finland to serve as a Finnish Navy training ship. Before World War II she made eight long ocean voyages. From 1956 she was a stationary Seamen's School for the Finnish Merchant Navy. Since 1991, she has been a museum ship owned by City of Turku, Finland.

We supplied the original hemp ropes.






Dutch Windmill as art


The artist Scarlett Hooft Graafland has been used the Dutch Windmill "De Hoop" as a work of art. They used more then nign hours to get up to 5300 meters between the blades of the windmill.

Langman produced for this project 5.500meter red ropes with a diameter of 14mm delivered. The 5,500 meters in length produced.










Fryderyk Chopin - Polland


Since quit some years is The Fryderyk Chopin rigged with our Polytex Ropes.










Fregatten Jylland - Denmark


Fregatten Jylland has been re-rigged with 4-strand Polytex Ropes.






P-trap with LangmanRopes


P-Trap® is a passive non-lethal self protection method against piracy. It is simple and effective in design for defense against pirates. It creates a safety zone around the vessel with floating lines that trap propellers of pirate vessels.

LangmanRopes had been involved with the succes of the P-trap
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Pirates of the Caribbean 4 - USA

LangmanRopes again the supplier for the Pirates of the Caribbean.

After Part 2 & 3 to have delivered, we are proud that we again may provide rope for Part 4.





Spiderweb from Ropes


In the summer of 2009 we get the order to make a spiderweb for a theater. The sice was 12 x 12mtr. We used hemp ropes 17mm for the production of this web. 







Santa Maria Columba manilla touw - Langman Touw
Santa Maria de Colombo - Portugal

Late October 2009, the replica Santa Maria de Colombo partly re-rigged with Langman rope. Our quality and GRADE-1 Manila and our Hemp rope hes been used for this project.







Mooringlines for motoryacht Latitude - France

The luxury motor yacht 43 meters Latitude uses Beaufort Mooringlines from LangmanRopes.

Our Beaufort (braided polyester with a 12-strand core) in the color black is used for this ship




Enterprize - Australië


Melbourne's Tall Ship Enterprize is the number of years already rigged with hemp rope Langman. Also at the beginning of this summer Langman has made ​​a new delivery.











Chandeliers rope


In early 2008, Langman rope around 4.000mtr beige polyester rope made ​​for chandeliers on the construction site of the
"Kleine Zeeheldenbuurt" in Vught NL

An artist made two chandeliers.



Instore Advertising


LangmanRopes produced ropes for decoration in 2006, cotton ropes supplied for the black Peter action at Vroom & Dreesman.






VOC replica 'Het Duyfken' - Australië

In 2002 the Duyfken voyage from Australia to the Netherlands made​​, 18,200 nautical miles with Langman tarred hemp ropes

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