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Racing Line


Racing Lineis an braided HT polyester with an 12-strand braided core of UHMWPE.
De polyester is 32-plaited tandem braid, which gives the line a high abrasion and a good grip.
The UHMWPE core gives the strenght and a low elongation.


> Extremely strong and light (Dyneema®, UHMWPE)
> High tenacity polyester
> Very good UV-resistant
> Low elongation


> Navy blue with blue, fluor yellow, and fluor orange marking threads.

 Diameter  Breakingload in kg Weight /100m   Ref. Blue Ref. Orange  Ref. Yellow 
 4mm 1.200 1,20 V. V.


 5mm 1.611


V. V.


 6mm 1.900 2,00 V. V.



Quotation request?:

Go to contact, email us and mention diameter, colour, quantities and optional finishing of the rope and you will receive a quotation as soon as possible!