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Tarred Marlin


It is still here, the real tarred marline. Langman Ropes tarred marline is produced of 100% tarred flax yarns. Nice
smooth, greasy tarred marline. Used a lot to seize and serve standing and running rigging on traditional vessels.


> 100% tarred flax yarns
> Nice smooth quality


> Seize and serve running rigging


Weight /
buying unit kg

approx. length
per spool 
2-ply 500gramms  /  1LB 75 meters


2-ply 2,25 kilo spools / 5 LB 375 meters S.03.450.02.2500
3-ply 500gramms / 1 LB 50 meters S.03.450.03.0500

2,25 kilo spools  / 5 LB

250 meters 







We have the possibilty to make this twin till 12-ply.

Quotation request?:

Go to contact, email us and mention diameter, colour, quantities and optional finishing of the rope and you will receive a quotation as soon as possible!