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Seaming Twine


A top quality fi bre, spinned to a strong seaming twine, that is our Langman Ropes seaming twine. A 100% natural
twine of long fl ax yarns, which makes this twine smooth and strong. Great for delicate work, sewing, stitching, model
ship rigging.


> 100% flax yarns
> Strong and smooth


> Delicate work
> Sewing and stitching
> Model ship rigging

Construction Packaging / unit 

2-ply 10 spools of 200 gr S.
3-ply 10 spools of 200 gr


4-ply 10 spools of 200 gr


5-ply 10 spools of 200 gr S.

Quotation request?:

Go to contact, email us and mention diameter, colour, quantities and optional finishing of the rope and you will receive a quotation as soon as possible!