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Barrier Rope Fittings

Decorative fittings for barrier ropes an stair ropes

Langman Ropes supplies for barrier ropes and stair ropes different kind of snap ends and rope brackets.
For museums, hotels, theater, exhibitions and other public places, but also at home, barrier ropes and stair ropes are used. We supply also ready made barrier ropes and stair ropes, made from natural hemp rope or synthtic ropes like Hempex®.


Rope Snap end with hook


inside diameter

Article number

Brass 30mm A.
Brass 40mm A.


30mm A.
Chrome 40mm A.
 RVS geborsteld 40mm A.




Rope Bracket

 Type  inside diameter size plate 

Article number

Brass 40mm 62mm A.
Chrome 40mm 62mm A.
Satin stainless steel 38mm 38mm A.