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History and Future
Touwslagerij Langman anno 1900

The Dutch have a long tradition when it comes to craftsmanship and trade. But they also enjoy a reputation worldwide as merchants and innovators.
A successful combination. Touwfabriek Langman is proof of this tradition since 1638.

Touwfabriek Langman exists since 1638. ‘The company has a very long history,’ according Henk Langman. ‘We have memorandum of association in our archives of 1638. The ropery hasn’t been always in the possession of the family Langman. The name Langman turns up in 1893, when Mr. Evert van Sweden sells the company to Mr. Lebbert Langman. In 1932 Herman, Jeltje, Jan and Henk Langman are taking over the business from their father Lebbert. In 1966 Herman and Jeltje are getting out of the business (brother Henk passed away in 1945). Jan continues as the only director. His sons Henk and Herman are working in the ropery. In 1975 the sons Henk and Herman are taking over the business. In 1992 their roads part.
Henk continues the rope factory and Herman specializes in aquatic sports. The rope factory grows steadily.



In May 2000 a new factory is build. The production department has a surface of 4.500m˛.
Jan E.M. Langman, the son of Henk H.L. Langman is nowadays the managing director.